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Nov. 19th, 2009 @ 07:33 am The Second Day
Geez I woke at five took the guest to a job came home sat in the tub an hour easy and I'm already spent from taking the wife to the doc's yesterday and then some shopping the power chair works great no bridge needed to get her from bed so suddenly she can tour the house without much effort from the caregivers or myself got a transfer belt instead of reinventing wheels and making one myself it's exactly what I was seeing in my mind scary...

I need a better bridge to the car though and now I am looking at the dog house and thinking a simple plank with a six inch padded box below it I could jam between the car seat and chair seat would work out better maybe especially if the top layer had beveled edges and a slick finish it would just be a matter of laterial motion but and anyways another doc appointment after lunch the heat from the tub didn't last the day like it usually does so I'm going to lay back down with the heating pad until the wife wakes up.

Or as long as I can keep the pup from barking for attention...

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