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Nov. 18th, 2009 @ 08:04 am Live Wire
So yesterday I had a friend helping me finish up the rental and it used to have a well out back that went dry so I had city water hooked up instead of putting down a new well. It was actually cheaper and down the road I won't have to repair it if we get a lightning strike or something but I had a small shelter built around it for freezes with an outlet and light and I wanted to grab the water tank since it is short and squat and will fit in the bunker perfectly.

I went back prepared with pipe wrenches and my favorite pair of dikes, capped off the water line to the tank and went to cut the power line headed to the pressure switch so I could yank the tank out and boom I discover the line is line lots of arcing and such but I've done this before sometimes intentionally to trip the breaker me being lazy and all and but anyways after the first zap I figured the breaker blew so I grabbed the dikes again and squeezed hard to cut the cable and once again boom and sparks fly as I kneel in the water that drained from the tank I squeezed harder and finally severed the line.

I ruined the dikes to LOL melted a big hole in them I might try and weld it but I dunno if I'd be able to grind a new edge on it in such a small space.

At this point I was saying to myself the breaker definitely blew this time and when I went to pull the tank out I realized I'd need to tear down the mini well house so I began to disassemble the outlet switch and light and just let them lay in the ground. Since the cable and water line is deeply buried I wanted to put a post and security light up and add a water tap since it's a big yard and a tenant might want a garden I gather my tools and make a mental note to come back with the chain saw to dispatch the well house and grab the tank leaving the wires laying on the wet ground, walk into the trailer and check the power box and the breaker still hadn't tripped.

30 amps sitting next to me like a snake LOL.

I closed the breaker and duct taped it off just in case to keep me out of the doghouse...

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Date:November 19th, 2009 06:37 pm (UTC)
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I think that is a clear sign that you need to replace that breaker!