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Nov. 15th, 2009 @ 07:55 am Finally I'm Getting Something Done!
I swear that's a line from some sci fi movie but the title eldudes me.

Eludes me I mean to say.

Rescued a friend yesterday long story and in turn he helped a few hours on the rental he crashed in the guest suite to destress gave him a handful of Videos to watch I bet he slept on the couch LOL. I ran out of steam when we got home or rather my back was being itself so I lay down for a bit on the heating pad and watched PBS with the headphones on while the wife watched the news, got up for thirty minutes and glued together the beginning of the mini in house dog house this AM at 6 the cat was sleeping in it...

Today I need to get back to paper work sorting and respond to another collection place that is really twisting the rules and swearing and all that to boot so I'm probably going to turn it over to an Attorney that's been giving me help on the side and I haven't heard yet from the third I sent a letter off to.

On top of that someone used our phone number on a loan to buy a truck or something from Fargo and I've called them three times to explain reguardless of what number he put down my truck is twenty one years old and my name isn't whatever they keep trying to ask for and suggested they try the DMV and maybe it was a typo but all in all things are well in that matter or will be.

The carpet looks great and if the friend seeking sanctuary get's up anytime soon he's gonna drink some coffee and head over to the rental and finish the painting then I have a few odds and ends and we can attempt to rerent it.

I'll be picky this time I tend to let people slide on things if I know they are having trouble but it's to the point I can't be like this and need someone in there that I won't have to worry about after the surgery.


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