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Nov. 14th, 2009 @ 07:47 am I Still Cannot Operate the Coffee Maker
I'm gonna need to break down and find my glasses and read the instructions.

Filled it up with water and coffee left it "On" for fifteen then tried to pump out a cup which ended up being semi hot clear water popped the lid up and there is just a drop of moisture in the center of the ground up awakedness so I transfer it to the old maker and use it once again.

Oddly enough it has not leaked a drop the past two days and I was here all day because our caregiver had some medical issues that were important thank gawd for old time doctors that even in an ER have that tingley feeling that all on the surface is not the entire story the day the wife and I went to get her blood work and had the caregiver get seen for an antibiotic for a tooth and made a day of it lots of XRays and why is it taking so long just to get an antibiotic and I knew a lady who swallowed a fly she had to have a procedure done yesterday and has a serious infection being treated aggressively I told her to just do anything she needed to do for herself and lay most of the day on the heating pad it was a long long week of doctors for the wife and took care of her even got her to scoot over to the power chair which is a piece of cake from the bed to there and back for her and she toured around the house for thirty and I got the head board seriously lag bolted to the wall studs to the point it accurred to me if I pulled to hard I'd knock the bed off it's posts...

I also stared at the scraps of Birch plywood and came up with a second dog house for Priscillia next to the Kennel with a top over both to act as a side table for me and I can screw down all the cords for my head phones and charges etc and puppy proof them and make the door of Priscillias abode too high for the puppy to get over, make the top detachable add a shelf inside once again for P to get out of puppy reach, fiberglass the bottom for easy cleaning and she can have a litter in there one day.

I got as far as cutting the wood LOL and I'm just spent I'm too the point about the only way I don't hurt is to lay flat on my back but I'm getting things done still and will have more than the time I want to lay on my back in January...

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