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Nov. 13th, 2009 @ 08:01 am I Cannot Operate the Coffee Maker
Oh the humanity this morning I stumble over dogs to the kitchen and realize quickly that the night before as the caregiver and I stared at the replacement coffee maker for the one that made two cups at a time and leaked half of one over the counter since day one almost, and wondered where the on button was, I realized I never read the instructions the night before that being last night and now once again I stare at a button that just says program and remember percorlators and simplicity and I replug the old one back in and decided to approach the matter at a later time.

Nothing Happens...

The carpet people got the carpet down in the rental yesterday at least when I went over to get my portable table saw they were halfway done super nice job but,

they were supposed to call first and do it next week after all the painting was completely finished and I had cleaned the place up of tools and returned the plank flooring that ended up being such a poor product. Oddly enough my friend that was painting it and was going to move my air compressor for me back to here called yesterday morning and had a small job and I told him not to worry about getting up there since it wouldn't be put down until next week LOL.

No big deal.
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