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Nov. 12th, 2009 @ 07:26 am Headless Lolly Pops Dance Through the House
I've been finding left over Halloween sucker's minus the sticks and a few chews through the wrapper all over the foot of my bed. I kept picking it them up thinking I must have just dropped the same one after snatching it from the puppy's wrath but then it accurred to me they seemed to change colors...

I just went into the dining room and there is a little side table next to the dining table said candy had been placed there in a large bowl.

The Table cloth was much in Dissaray and a chair had been pulled out leading me to surmise the Priscillia had jumped to the chair to the table slid around on the top and had been dropping the lollypops down to the puppy this being all my fault for letting the puppy chew on a used lolly pop stick after I had removed any traces of sugar in exchange for it to stop chewing my boot laces.

Team Work.

Smart Dog was Here

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