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Nov. 11th, 2009 @ 08:04 am As Predicted
The wife slept and slept woke at 8 pm and asked for breakfast and wondered why the sun wasn't up LOL.

Things went fine one more follow up today here in town.

My back's letting me know it's there the wind was too high to have her power chair hanging off the tail end of the car so I had to pick her up a few times but heat does wonders...

I should ask for an electric blanket for Christmas but the puppy would probably chew it, he's into everything chewable but I think I got the point across about not chewing wires with a few stern words but he took out four sets of headphones first. I took him out at 5 am this morning and left him out of the crate since he had done his business, got up at 7 to make coffee and he must have guard dog in him cause he went bazerk with the emergency barking noises woke the wife who asked for tea and what is that dog upset about so another early day here.

Glad I didn't have to drag her under the house though LOL.

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