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Nov. 7th, 2009 @ 06:36 am In the Beginning
There was an idea...


This is the start of the powered head board project starting with a peice of Birch furniture grade 3/4 inch plywood. I had the shape in my head used a string to draw the curve and then took quarter bead and ran it around the edges. The top piece I had to soak in hot water for 30 minutes so I could bend it someday I need to make a steamer but the tub worked fine.

This will be lag bolted to the wall and the winch and cables pulleys rings rope and all will bolt to it. A draw sheet is for moving people in bed if you've ever been in a hospital you know what I mean and I'll make a few with two rings sewn in at the top and the ropes will attach there with a snap ring so they can just be hung on the wall when not in use but when the wife slips down in bed I'll be able to pull her up a few inches even if I can only stand, no more leaning over and pulling I've been running on half days the past three with the remainder laying on a heating pad and since the winch I found buried in the basement has a remote control in theory the wife could straighten herself out if I left the lines on. It will run off a motorcycle gell cell no fumes and have a trickle charger on it to keep the thing topped off, and I'll try and have the bulk of the gear mounted near the floor out of sight.

After I get everything mounted and working I'll dissasemble it and add some ornate pieces then stain it and polyurethane it to match the side table I made her.


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