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Nov. 6th, 2009 @ 06:23 am Procrastinate Now!
The wife let me reschedule my surgery for January which is a big stress releaver I just couldn't get everything done in 4 weeks and to get 24 hour aday help in December would be hard to ask of people. I spent a few hours trying to get the floor down in the wife's rental and all the stooping hit me hard I came home and slept and feel it this morning.

There is a carpet place in town I know real well so I gave them a key and explained the situation and most likely they can carpet the place for just a little bit more than what the flooring cost and I can return that so I'm gonna have to suck it up and let someone help me out. I'm having trouble just pulling the wife up in bed when she slides down and she has 4 days of doc appointments including cateract surgery next week so today I'm gonna take a piece of finished Oak plywood I've been saving for shelves in my closet and gonna make a "head board" to screw to the wall at the top of the bed and mount a cable winch on it from my truck, add some pulleys and a motorcycle battery, look for another sewing machine cause apparently the one I got 2 years ago and learned to sew has also "dissapeared", make her some custom draw sheets with big button holes in it to attach the cables to and use the remote control to pull her up effortlessly...

I drew it all up in my head and will work like a charm and I'll stain it to make it appear formal to match the decor.

There's always away around a problem.

Lowered Position

I might add a retinal scanner to the front door if I find anything else missing from here.
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