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Not Dead Yet.
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Oct. 30th, 2009 @ 06:16 am One Down
Two? to go.

Settled with one of the past due accounts on terms I can afford done deal in two weeks with a judge to review and sign off.

Super nice negotiating over emails and I've picked up another skill as a bonus.

The Laws are clear and I'm pushing forward in a fair way but geez, one of these place is boldly lying right to me big mistake the FTC will kindly spend hours on the phone explaining your rights I'd suggest you call them if you're in the same mess I am.

Firm two is full of smiling faces that fake sympathy all the while trying to prod info and actually telling me things are the Law that clearly are not an $8k bill jacked to $48,000 LOL.

I'm forgetfull not stupid although getting involved in credit cards was truly stupid being in LALA land I wonder how they possibly even gave me these cards unable to speak or remember a thought long enough to finish a sentence and ten minutes of googling they have been in Federal court countless times for unfair practices and lost every case I found...

It's the bottom line they get fined a $1000 and go back to business as usual preying on the uninformed with strong armed threats but quit swearing once I began recording the phone calls and the FCC will also spend time speaking and explaining that Law even to a simpleton like myself.

A $10 gadget at Radio Shack off the shelf and I am back to phreaking without my beloved and long lost Cap'n Crunch whistle.


Being in debt and owing money I never knew I owed is extremely embarrassing but there are so many out there that will benefit from this info that when I am done I'll post my own page of do's and don'ts and a bill of rights to boot.

Only Forward.

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