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Oct. 27th, 2009 @ 10:09 pm This is Typical for Me...
I've been ill, actually ill not the cold sweats I get every few weeks since I hit my head and went to see my Doc. I like to joke with him and made the comment that I was unaware that Nicotine inhibets bone growth and that the Neurosurgeon had told me I needed to quit smoking or my back would not fuse after the surgery...

That's not such a bad thing, not smoking I mean, and am actually glad they raised the taxes so high that they doubled in price and had already weaned myself down to a third of what my daily fix was before I even saw the guy but when I mentioned this to my Doc and added that I did need to just quit regardless but I had thought the surgeon perhaps embellished the not fusing part a bit he said that it does inhibit healing but I was probably right.

I countered I was finding it easier not to smoke when my chest was on fire and with a completely straight face he said well Mike, maybe I should do you a favor and just not treat this...


He was kidding of course about not treating me because I really am pretty ill and put me on a heavy dose of Levaquin and a few other things including two shots in the butt, but, when I went to fill the prescription the pharmacist looked at the dosage and said wow, what's wrong with you???

Then the next thing she did was tell me that I needed to go off my muscle relaxants which are helping a lot because apparently out of all the muscle relaxants out there, this particular one doesn't like Levaquin enough that together they cause heart arrhythmias and in some cases cardiac arrest.

Oh joy.

I can suck it up and deal with pain better than most humans I've met and was more concerned at killing the germ than hurting so I filled the scrip and came home and locked the muscle relaxants in the safe for the next two weeks so I didn't forget and take one when my mind is foggy.

I slept normal last night and even a little later than usual, in fact all the way till almost nine.

In other news I'm working on another gadget for after the surgery.

It's basically just a refurbish job using a tool cart I got from Snap On 25+ years ago when I had my first autobody shop. It's two tiered with a handle on one side to push it around which should serve perfectly well as a walker and will let me make trips to the kitchen to fetch the wife tea and her breakfast in the mornings and let me move things from room to room since I'll only be able to lift 5 pounds for a long time and with the driveway leading to the back garage I'll have access to two floors of the house and drag around tools so I can finish the odds and ends here that I've never goten around to like the base mouldings and covers on the outlets and yes that should have been done when I moved in I know but I was so exhausted back then I've never gotten around to it.

I know the recovery is gonna hurt big time, much worse than getting scalped but I'm so hyper I have trouble even watching an entire tv show.

The hardest part is gonna be the first two weeks because he, the neuro, told me the only thing I was to do wuz lay on the couch and watch tv...

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Date:October 28th, 2009 03:56 am (UTC)
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I had such a hard time pulling out of the sedation, I spent that two weeks mostly sleeping anyway. I did check out half the library in preparation for the recovery time, though, which helped too.

Hope you feel better.
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Date:October 28th, 2009 01:03 pm (UTC)


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As far as the cold or whatever I do already.

Two nights in a row I slept through the night.