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Oct. 24th, 2009 @ 10:06 am I'm Sick!

Body aches way past the normal ones and a fever of 102.4 last night chest is on fire slept with a mask on or rather tried to sleep gave up at 5 and sat in the tub no help got my long johns on cause I'm shiverin despite still being at 101 had a flu shot a few weeks ago still need the Swine Flu one and geez I haven't bee ill since I was a kid.

On the plus side the trailer finally got moved from the farm last week without a hitch.

I'm gonna pull the wire to the well down and bring it home and bury it in the spring but I did get the trench trenched, about 400 feet long and it should survive the winter so I'll just need to do some light digging if spots cave in.

Next week I get fitted for a back brace.

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