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Oct. 21st, 2009 @ 07:16 am Pop! Goes the Weasel
My wife had cataract surgery yesterday which went very well but she was nervous and the weight of the power chair makes the car shimmy a tad so I picked her up and used the wheel chair.

Big mistake.

I survived transferring her in and out of the car and onto the gurney then in and out of the car when we got home but when I went to put her in bed something popped I dropped her (on the bed) and my feet went out from under me and that was the end of me for the day and night.

The day before I had been telling myself I could cancel the surgery and that I wasn't really that hurt but reality smacked me right in the face and I spent the day laying flat on a heating pad and the muscle relaxants didn't do a thing. Got up at 5 this am and soaked for an hour in the whirlpool and I'm still shaking from the pain and I honestly don't think I'll be able to lift her today for her follow up visit without needing the caregiver to help me.

I feel like such a wuss.

On the plus side I've been trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible while I can walk and rented a trencher from B & B in Freeport top bury the water line to her rental and the 400+ feet of trench to bury the power line for the well on the farm so the copper thieves can't get to it again, and apparently broke the thing where it had been welded once before. When I took it back I saw the five inch crack, told them I'd fix it if they had a welder and was told they had a stick welder or Acetylene and generally had to send out the welding repairs since they didn't have anyone there qualified.

These people are super nice and of course I had given them copies of my Senseless Vids on DVD and I offered to take it back home and repair it which they jumped on and said please, that would be great...

So I did.

When I went back I explained how I fixed it and the need to drill a hole first at the end of the crack, weld that shut then go to the beginning of the crack and weld a bead the entire length, then for grins and giggles I fished a piece of angle iron over the bead and rewelded all around it, sand blasted it all clean and primered and painted it and mentioned I'd love to pick up small welding jobs like this since things are always getting broken. I also mention I was gonna have 4 months down time and could make them a webpage so they could list their items and rates and contact info, and set them up a You Tube channel and make vids of how to operate each piece of equipment they rent out and would trade them the use of their equipment for my services and the owner said it was a great idea could I really do that for them????

I'll be able to drive 2 weeks after the surgery and my camera equipment individually is less than five pounds so this is very doable and will keep me from going nuts from cabin fever.

I'm already eyeing up their concrete saw so I can open a hole in the bottom garage floor for an elevator and a core saw to drill a ring of holes around the perimeter of the safe room so I can shoot down ten foot lengths of 3 inch pvc every foot or so, drop in a piece of rebar and fill to the top with concrete to form a cage underground so when I dig out the room I won't have to worry about the walls caving in on me, plus I will know exactly where to stop digging. When that's done I'll essentially just build a storage building in there using treated lumbar, get a 2 inch concrete pumper and fill the void around and above it with a foot of concrete and have a true safe room with an elevator down into it for tornadoes that is 20 feet below the main floor of the house.

Knock me down I'll get right back up.

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Date:October 22nd, 2009 01:03 am (UTC)
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Contrary to your self-categorization, I think you are one tough hombre. Hugs and hope you get some real relief soon.
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Date:October 22nd, 2009 01:15 pm (UTC)

I Got Some Relief!

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My psychiatrist put me on Neurontin for nerve pain yesterday.

Magic Bullet.