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Oct. 9th, 2009 @ 08:06 am Pins and Rods and Fusion Oh My!
Spent all day yesterday getting tests done and talking to the Neurosurgeon who told me I've pretty much wrecked my lower back so bad that the pain in my upper back is coming from there.

4+ hours of surgery and he said it's gonna hurt I countered well I had the top of my scalp completely removed and replaced and I survived the pain and he said, no, this is gonna really hurt...

I like Doctors that are straight up about things no sugar coating. 3 or 4 days in the hospital then a week laying down except for brief kitchen and bath runs I hope I didn't just jinx myself but then I can drive short trips no lifting anything over five pounds and no leaning over I need a third caregiver for nights to sleep here and keep an eye on the wife and it's not in my nature to sit still which is why at least I can do this in the winter and not screw myself out of another summer.

I'll never get the cabin done but I should be able to finish the wife’s rental three times I've bleached the floor and it still has that smell and the AC is apparently shot my friend Jeff has been working on it three days now and I suspect it will need a new system I bet it's been trashed for a while and they never told me since they obviously didn't want anyone in the place that would have run to tell me what a disaster the place was.

I should have just enough time to get it livable so we can rent it out again but I'm gonna need to forget about the cabin until next year and I was counting on that to make the payments on an equity loan on the house which I need to do to pay the three credit cards I seem to have defaulted on. If the place in Miami that wants an immediate judgment had any sense they'd pick up the other two debts so I could pay them off in one shot especially since they are more or less guaranteed I'd pay it in one payment if the numbers were knocked down to a reasonable amount and they actually told me what the purchases were having already been cloned by someone in the past.

A clean slate would be nice and a bundled settlement would be a bonus for my long time fan, that being a big hint.

Depressing, but, on the way home I picked up Maxwell weighing in at a whole pound and a half complete with puppy breath.

I already started training it got up at six and took both of them out and he went right to the spot I showed him yesterday and peed and let him loose on the floor last night and woke up to find him and her sleeping side by side on the part of my comforter laying alongside the bed.

Priscilla acted like I busted her when I looked down to see where the pup was before I got up not wanting to step on the lil fellow, and jumped up and moved away like she didn't like the dude LOL.

There has been a few growls apparently the puppy cannot lick my ears says P.

I'm a survivor and you can only move forward.

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