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Oct. 4th, 2009 @ 07:37 am No More Dusty Mold!
No more Moldy Dust?

The trailer is 90% sterilized amazingly enough I haven't found a single bug during any of this. I scraped scrubbed bleached and bleached again yesterday and had enough sense to wear a real respirator not some dust max and my drum fan secured the mold in an industrial 55 gallon 6 mill trash bag tied tight just in case the trash guys had it rip open when they got the trash tomorrow and had allergies or even a simple reaction.

Long ago when I was younger and not hurt one of the first houses we flipped to build the one we live in was built off grade meaning on pilings and was 2 foot above the ground, and I had dismantled the front porch to repair it, looked under there and saw years of leave bone dry and thought one flicked cigarette would take the entire house maybe even before the people inside would notice being that the fire would first cook the floor then do a whole house blow back and I think too much but often not enough so to the far end I go with a long extension cord and a leaf blower and I spend all day long with just a dust mask blowing the leaves and rat and squirrel nests out the entire length of the house until I had nothing but a super dry sand underneath.

Came home took a shower thought nothing of it lay down at the far end of the house and fell asleep, woke at 11pm paralyzed cold sweats unable to call for help and was stuck there awake until my favorite kid got up for school.

I got up and spent a few days walking it off.

Take mold seriously and don't mess with super fine Hantavirus.

Scraped and PreBleached
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