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Oct. 3rd, 2009 @ 07:59 am No More Carpet!
My hands are tore up and my back is shot but one more trip this AM to the dump and the nasty carpet and padding is gone. I need to scrape parts of the padding off sweep it super clean then bleach the entire place a few times to get the stains out of the wood and I can start laying down the new floor.

I got a great sale, $20 a box for a Pergo substitute that's easy to clean and I won't ever have to replace it again. I tried to find one clean piece of carpet by looking at the backside for unstained areas for the bedroom of the cabin which is tiny, 9 by 12 but every bit is stained or worn thread bare so no luck.

If I had the extra money I'd get it now while it's still on special to do the entire cabin.

Front Room

One ping along your port side...
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