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Not Dead Yet.
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Feb. 9th, 2005 @ 09:15 am I was Lurking Outside my House at 5am This Morning
And I heard a vehicle approaching at a fairly high rate of speed considering how curvy my street is.

As it approached my driveway, I heard a distinctive click and in a flash I was instinctively pressed against the side of my house, in the shadows, hand at my side where my side arm should have been.

Newer Red Jeep. Florida Tags. Passenger side window down. One Occupant. Left hand gripping the wheel and eyes forward.

A paper sails from inside and lands less than 20 feet from my cover.

Grenade range.

No brake lights, no hesitation. This driver is cool as a cucumber and accurate.

I realize that I must get a better look at his delivery system and devious an ingenious plan involving a detour sign and a tunnel entrance painted into the side of a mountain.

Newer Jeep, Airbags, one Occupant. The collateral damage will be minimal.

Spy vs Spy

I'm off to search for a mountain.
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