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Sep. 26th, 2009 @ 10:26 am Taking a Break
From the chair a tenent moved out a month late on the rent and a bad check I was letting them slide a bit because they have kids but they never call me and say they need a break and the last time I went to talk to them they were all home but hid in the back.

I can't imagine adults showing kids how to deal with problems like that but anyway it will take a good two weeks to clean up the inside and its has a two acre yard waste high that needs cut and garbage and such scattered all over.

In the long run this will be for the best just another problem to fix I'm not gonna go after them for the past due rent because I know they can't pay it and I don't feel right about hounding people over bills they can't pay and they were good tenents for three years. Having them move out when I told them they needed to without visiting the courthouse was the less stressfull way to get this one out of my mind so it actually was a big relief to go there yesterday and see them gone and the wife was on me about it since it's her property.

While I was out I took some odds and ends stored here forever to the farm so they'd be there when the trailer was moved hopefully in a week and I can stop worrying about it getting damaged in high winds being that she has no insurance on it since it never got set up and saw an attorney about the "summary judgement" thing it seems after I crushed my head I got a card and and those things are evil but I'm not gonna lose the farm which was my worry and I got a direct referal to someone who specializes in this and while I'm on the subject never ever ever call a "credit fixer in debt we can help" place you see on tv they're actually just another collection agency doubling as a bank to make loans at outragious interest to "fix" all your problems get a real Attorney so its done proper and recorded so the same thing doesn't come back in a few years cause the records got "lost".

The grass at the farm covered every bit of ground my friend Jim cleared and will start spreading out runners next spring and looks so much better than it did in January.

Power chair is almost done but my back was out of wack from driving and welding the day before and a friend is coming by today with a trailer and muscles to help me clean up the back driveway I swear I must be a redneck even to the point of having a car on blocks LOL...

Now that's a Yard!
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