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Sep. 23rd, 2009 @ 07:45 am Swatting Problems Away
I got a lot thought out about the chair tore it apart down to a single bolt that will remove the shaft the seat frame and arm rests and swivel deal mounts to.

I have big hands though and I swear this bolt isn't meant to be taken out, the big picture next to it of the shaft separated in two with a red line across it being a clue but as soon as its out the whole thing will slide up then the fiber glass body. I'm gonna stare some more then build / weld some tube steel or preferably just bolt the bottom plate of the jack to the frame, cut out the inner circle of the fiber glass body so my hands fit in there in the future, and probably weld the receiving ring to the top of the jack put the seat on and check it for heights and wobbleyness, find out the appropriate spot to mount the crank in behind but still open the boot, cut to fit, add a simple bracket to mount a short padded bridge to the chair the car seat so no fallin though the crack, disassemble again and clean all the parts and make them glossy black...

Piece of cake and I should be able to still use the body which means I can mount two LED headlights up front to show her the way.

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