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Sep. 22nd, 2009 @ 11:45 am And on We Go!
I think this lift the chair IDear is gonna work and got the pulley / crank welded and painted yesterday and a foot long piece of pipe to act like a large washer, cut slots in one end wide enough to let the ring slip in from the scissors jack, got a foot long 3/8 carriage bold that I can grind the round edges on two opposing, trimmed the top off enough to still lock the ring but expose the hole, I'll heat the end red or the bolt I preflatend hammer it think, grind a hook, run it through the pipe after I trim it to the right length, cut the bolt off and fix the threads and it should spin up pretty easy.

Next I'll take the chair apart and if I can eliminate the swivel seat that never gets used and gain two inches to mount the base of all this, then make a simple padded foam and vinyl covered bridge that will lock to the chair and two people will be able to get her into and out of the car without leaning over.

Absently minded early this morning not awake yet I have the bright idea to bake it and stuck it on 300 instead 200 I won't do that again lol but no harm done in the long run of things.

This will be Way way way cheaper than a handicap van and a good project for a DIYer and people that are in that same spot as me can do this themselves if they can weld after I post the instructions.

I bet this is on the market within 3 years...

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Crank Baked Tool Long
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Date:September 22nd, 2009 07:42 pm (UTC)

motorized scissor jack

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Really nice motorized scissor jack here.
I have them for my work trucks.
Runs on 12VDC
79.00 at Northern tools.
If this link doesn't work, goto northerntool.com and type scissor jack in the search box.
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Date:September 22nd, 2009 09:23 pm (UTC)

I have a Motorized Bed

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It's one of those craftatics and I turned the other one into a deeeluxe hospitol bed with micro controls because it was too hard for my wife to smash the buttons.

I was under the other one and pondered pulling the drive from the feet of the thing and using it but this is meant to be off the shelf stuff for the average Joe to do and you'd be surprised how many people needing wheel chairs for arthritus how hard it is to stand and to thier feet and get into the passenger seat.

I just need to be real clear no one tries driving up a hill with the seat lift and topples over.

Maybe I'll use a kill switch to be safe, the joy stick is always getting bumped and if the speed it up say goodbye to that grocery display!


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