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Sep. 21st, 2009 @ 08:04 am Baby Steps
LOL I've been so just plane tired forever now but jumped up full of gusto yesterday determined to do a good half days work on the yard now that the mower runs and before I swap out a knew blade so I can buzz the lot next door my friend the one that drove me five hours to a different hospital had cleared it for the guy long ago I was gonna chop up the leaves and small sticks into stuff that will either blow away with the leaf blower if the rain let's up for three or for days or else will just decompose quicker the centipede from my yard has runners a good 40 feet into spots of it and every time I get a wheel barrow or two I've been building up the hill right next to the road and about 30 feet in letting the centipede get started then dumping enough sand into the ditches from the rain to send the water to the grass which makes the grass grow to the mound and same same same over and over again except for a bunch of thorny vines I've been trying to get rid of he'll have a nice front yard before he even starts on the house plus it will be ready to take water from the street without washing the hill away since he wants an in the hill level like mine for storm reasons and had laid out his driveway and all for me I can't build it I was set up to take the block test when this house was done but the wreck tossed that out the door but I can do floor plans and such and do them over and over until they get one they want then just take that final version to a real architect since you need that and engineered drawings anywhere in Florida now people learn.

I got the back yard cut came in and fell asleep telling the wife I just needed a 2 hour nap.

Another day I slept away and this morning I get the back feeling even better and go to make coffee at 6 am but turn on the lights and I see,



I had gotten myself down to a real cup of coffee in the morning then couple decaffeinated to keep my Karma Karmatised but every time I'm in a hospital my real coffee habit kicks in and boom I'm right back there but and anyways...

I had everything out of order apparently LOL but I needed the sleep and I didn't get any headaches!

Let's see how today turns out.

Vacant Lot
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