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Sep. 20th, 2009 @ 08:34 am Parts and Hospital Lag
I made my daily run to the post office pharmacy winn dixie and the hardware store to get some bolts and such, picked up the mower and a pulley I saw for $14 and I had been expecting to have to find one online assuming they'd be like 40 bucks dumb luck I get home and have to try the mower cut a ten foot path along the road go in to lay down and suddenly the caregiver is waking me to tell me she is headed home...

She had dinner set up the wife was sleeping to she get's up we eat and a call the lady has the loan to move the mobile home they are leveling her place with a dozer and it will be gone in 2 weeks.

Every storm we get I end up running up there to be sure it's still in one piece but this is a major albatross for me almost resolved.

Plus this AM my back is pain free I have a super firm mattress and just realizing I can make her chair rise like Houdini is letting me not stress if I need the back done.

And my lawnmower runs!

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