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Sep. 17th, 2009 @ 06:48 am I've Got an I Dear
I've been staring at my wife's power chair and wondering how I'll be able to get her into the car without lifting her and got to thinking of hydraulics...

I'm going to take the seat off, get a scissors jack, split it down the middle and mod it so it's about 10 inches wide, mount it to the bottom plate of the chair and the plate it attaches to the power chair body, the arms are already made to swing up and out of the way, then I can drive her to the car, raise the chair to the same height as the car seat, and she can slide over just like when you move a person from a gurney to a bed.

Her car has a chair hauler, and minus the bourbon scotch and beer, down the street we'll go!

I dreamt this up in my sleep; some of my best Ideas come to me that way.

She's home now still congested and coughing but ready for her cataract surgery, I just postponed it a week.

Dang hospital hours she woke me at 5:45 this AM to make her tea LOL.

Life goes on!

PS: I told her my chair idea and she told me she's not gonna get shot into the air by one of my gadgets misfiring and not to take her chair apart but I need something to do and making things drops my stress level big time.

Besides, if I drive it down to the workshop, she won't really know until it’s done and I can demo it on myself since I have 30 pounds on her to show her it's safe, plus if I went with hydraulics instead of a threaded rod she could lift herself higher to reach things at stores, a big selling point!

Power Chair Mod
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