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Not Dead Yet.
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Sep. 11th, 2009 @ 08:24 am I Can't Do Kojak!
Even with a prop, but it feels so good to not have that big dent in my head so all's well.

Just being able to take a shower again is a relief my primary doctor is going to pull the stitches even though I volunteered and he knows I would but I have an appointment for the wife next weeks before she has cataract surgery and he said he'd do it at the same time to save me driving to Pensacola which about spoils any walking about time after I make the return trip.

Standing and lying are fine on the lumbar but in my case I literally can't sit still or otherwise for any length of time.

I see the neurosurgeon in October, my docs staff told me I'd like him and seriously, when a doctors staff knows you on a first name basis it's not always a good thing LOL but they look out for me.

Perhaps I should stop giving them DVD's of my projects half done.

I spent two days trying to clean out my lawnmowers carb the first part of the year it got no use with all the time in the hospital with the wife and just when I finally got it to where it should run new everything the needle valve stick the carb pours gas all over and

I went in to lay down for 20 minutes then told the wife I was gonna take it to the lawn mower place behind the Tasty Freeze.

One look at my head and I've got an audience so now I need to burn some more...

No Hat!

I need to find some way to turn this into a meager sort of income LOL.
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