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Sep. 9th, 2009 @ 09:07 am I'm of Two Minds on the Subject
I got the dressings off yesterday but not the stitches but I can now take a shower.

They couldn't move any hair to the skin graft but they did use the extra tissue to fill in the big dent on my skull which was bigger than an agg but a tad smaller than a tennis ball.

He gave me a buzz cut on half my head LOL and coincidence has me headed to the groomers to take Priscillia cause the wife says she is too fuzzy...

Half of my mind says to ask her to buzz off the rest real quick since I'm there anyways but the other half says a barber would have much cleaner shears and still the other half of my mind thinks to do nothing and just look silly for a time, something I am used to.

If it was June I'd get it buzzed off without a thought to keep a cool head about me.

Decisions decisions and the three half minds are leaning towards a coin toss, the dog groomer being if the coin lands on it's side...
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