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Not Dead Yet.
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Sep. 8th, 2009 @ 08:16 am Dreaming my Life Away...
I've been having some really odd dreams lately some more than once.

Half the time I'm exploring long abandonded hotels with flights and flights of stairs that tend to give way without any warning sort of like playing shoots or ladders, but my OCD makes me keep trying for the top floor to look for lost treasures. Things other people wouldn't give a second glance at but I have a thing for antiques.

Another is I'm driving in bad weather in a convertable at a rather high speed miss a stop sign and suddenly I'm falling cartoon style down the cliff the guard rail was supposed to keep me from going over and I keep thinking I need to crawl over the rear deck lid and jump to the cliff in a Matrix sort of way before I hit bottom but I never get to see how it ends cause I wake up.

Last night I dreamt I was on a dock with families and a kid falls in and a big gator goes after him so I dive in, grab the gator with a leg lock and hold onto it's tail for the log roll then suddenly I'm swimming around with the things like they're pets of some sort.

Don't pet Gators.


Pet a Puppy instead!

Meet Maxwell at 4 weeks, a present for my wife.

Solid black so far and should weigh in at a full five pounds when full grown.

Newest Addition!

Why can't I be attacked by a throng of puppies in one of these dreams?
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