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Not Dead Yet.
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Sep. 6th, 2009 @ 08:48 am Apparently I Can Sit Still
I seem to have slept through Saturday and woken this morning at six.

I don't even feel guilty about losing a day...

My head's pain free so far but I never had much feeling left up there to begin with...


My thanks to my wifes caregivers for staying round the clock.

Caregivers Rock.

I had ninety minutes in the whirlpool as hot as it can be sipping my coffee without thinking too far into the next few days of putting out another fire everyone is losing thier jobs showing up asking for odd jobs but that well is dry I have to simplify my life if I can finish the cabin before the year is up I'm on my way to becoming a hermit.

Before the wreck it would be an easy two weeks work but it takes me about five times longer to actually get anything done now so that's a reasonable goal and the wife is so well recovered I can get a full four hours of time up there most of the time.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

If I can get my back done and go the full rehab don't lift anything maybe I could build another cabin up there small feasable, low rent and quiet.

I wish I had built this house up there it's so far from any night time lighting that you can see twice as many stars as here 15 miles closer to DeFuniak.

I was just told it stormed hard here winds and lightning and inches of water all day so it's no wonder I slept it away.

PS: I also have a Doctors excuse for suce behavior in writing!

be well all.

Old Sheet Rock Removed
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