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Not Dead Yet.
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Sep. 5th, 2009 @ 09:22 am I Can't Sit Still
And I'm really wishing I had shave my head or had it buzzed tight instead of just getting a trim.

I waited too long and they can't cover the skin graft with hair as originally planned but all the pieces were lined up so the hair if let long on the top covers everything, the first surgeon put the pieces back so it grows over everything and not in a Donald Trump sort of way I promise to never wear mouse but this dressing wrapped around my head is itching like mad I suppose just like a cast would and in big bold letters he had scratched out the wound care and said not to remove the thing until he does it himself next Tuesday...

I want to work in the yard since it's best I stick around the house the caregiver coordinated everything went perfect but I could have slept all night but,

Sor some reason I can't sleep if I take any sort of pain killer after four in the afternoon so I spent half the night laying on the warm driveway last night staring at the stars.

If I can find my tripod I'll make a video or something so I don't get cabin fever.

All I'll need for Halloween this year is a shave and a rubber ax!
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