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Aug. 30th, 2009 @ 07:31 am A Ten Year Old Kicked my Butt!
Oh the Humility!

I had some odds and ends toolwise still in the cabin, that I wanted to get back home before I get the top cut off and other odds and end's like load all the broken concrete from pulling the posts up, setting two six by sixes in concrete for a future gate and to keep them from walking away... and I worked two or three hours as the lad picked up small stuff and asked questions why and how do you do this or that and I showed him the fire hose I had used to clear out the sand from under the cabin for termite protection and how fifteen years ago I built it as a bachelor for about five hundred dollars and a house I tore down for the lumbar which led to a house his dad is doing the same thing and recycling the good wood the man is a licensed building contractor I'm so jealous of the license LOL but reminds me of myself before I wacked my head but and anyways we came home all the tools are safe in the bed of my truck and the concrete chunks I'm gonna dump next to my sea wall where some day I was gonna make a boat launch and run the driveway straight to it just because and geez I'm rambling I needed to lay down I told the protegee for thirty minutes then we can weld the bumper of your mom's truck then let him practice on some scrap steel and maybe go in the bunker for his own video and I wake up at six...

Rip Van Winkle they had just let me sleep I woke up thinking I had promised the kid some fun learning metal shop style...

I'll make it up to him Promise.

The grass is green from the rains this is the first time ever I planted grass seed and not caused a drought and untill you get a good root system the sand percs so fast it could die in a few days without water thank dog for water timers that fit on hoses but it's grown about twice what I had expected no washouts gentle grades and sending out runners from the small amount of centipede seed I put out and the hundred pounds of less expensive seed so in two more summer's the entire area will be eighty percent centipede and on it's way in an easy way.

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