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Aug. 29th, 2009 @ 07:43 am A Sunny Day
I've got a young lad that's going to help me tidy up the cabin so hopefully I can get it done before and if I have back surgery I've blown out three disks getting referred to a Neuro Surgeon because I've also got scar tissue on the nerve roots and and and a bunch of other bits of damage I can't recall.

Four month I won't be able to lift the wife.

I've got everything figured out how to use the lift to get her into her chair and am pondering a device to lift then extend her into the car for doctors appointments but as far as getting to an office and getting her out I'm at a loss unless I put it on wheels and tow it with me LOL.

I love a good puzzle.

I'm also gonna teach the boy to weld and let him make a video in the mancave, his mom gave permission.

A 10 year old walking in with a video of a secret lair is gonna win show and tell hands down and he'll be the class celeb for a time, Mark my words.

One week before I get a little taken off the top!

About time I'd say and I'll shave my head for Halloween and probobly get a call from Wes Craven for a Hell Raiser sequal or at least be able to win a few Halloween costume contests...

Hee Haw!

I hope he uses a smaller knife.

Mysterious Melon
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