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Aug. 20th, 2009 @ 10:02 am Daddy
The full time caregiver for the wife brings her grand baby with her a lot of times.

I love kids, I try to teach them and see how much they comprehend so Over and Over I'll point to the dog and say puppy or a door and Pete and repeat she learns.

I can't convince her to say Mike though.

She points to me and says daddy LOL but her nanna assures me she says that to all men...

It's actually funny but I hope she outgrow it LOL.

The surgeon can only remove all the extra skin piled atop my head the skin graft is too thin by far my fault I was supposed to have followed up with more surgeries way back then fat pads and balloons but just to get my third ear off is gonna be a relief.

No more getting hooked to clothes lines if I walk under them.

I still have more hair than all my brothers so there.

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I'm off to be irraditated by a big magnet.
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