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Aug. 3rd, 2009 @ 10:02 am Serious Attachment Issues

My Dog my dog follows me everywhere and I walk a lot even on rainy days she knows my patterns to the point she'll run outside if I am just going for a walk but if she sees me loading things in the truck she'll just sit in the doorway if she hears the computer shut down she jumps up to see where I am headed...

Dog's are cool.

I was sitting in the tub this morning as I always do so I can move and such thinking of how I was gonna fix the red taped mess the commune project has turned into and debating whether to have the septic tank put in which flipped flopped around enough for me to realize it's a catch 22 because I'm pretty sure that when the trailer is inspected they need the tank lid off I could be wrong but but but, all the rules I knew before the wreck when I was flippin houses and building this one have changed which is how the trailer got up there in the first place ten years ago this would have been a done deal but the bottom line is she needs about 3k to get it tied down hurricane style since most of hardware had been stolen and everything is sky high 18 bucks for a 4 foot hanger time 25 or so and a bucket of bolts at 85 cents and a hundred block and more pads and and and geez.

I can't even hook her to my well cause the cabin and my trailer I use to get out of the rain is already on the well no gee you can't have two rentals one well yet I could put in a second well and be legal LOL.

The farm well pumps 72 gallons a minute I planned and was gonna have a five acre home garden and a few rentals then a house so 15 years ago I spent the extra money for a higher volume pump thinking I'd be set down the road.

A water tap is 2k, which is less than a well by half so that's the only option really. She'd need 275 feet of pipe buried and I'd have to burry my power line in conduit from the cabin to the well about 320 feet since the copper thieves have already hit me for that line in the past or...

I could put the water tap to the cabin and burry 30 feet of pipe, cap the line, then have her on the well and I could recoup the time I spent burying conduit and water lines deep down to her meter box and run 20 feet of water line get her to buy a Lotto and win (smirk) and she can be living up there for $75 a month and I'd have someone on the property to watch over me. Plus she get garden rights which was something she told me back when it had 5 days to be moved cause the land it was on had been sold she had always wanted.

She moves despite breaking her back, slowly but moving is moving.

Anyways back to the dog.

My Shadow.

The whirlpool is running I'm trying to clear my thoughts before the days really started and like the Raven Tap Tap Tap I hear pon my bathroom door I sit up and silence.

Two minutes later Tap Tap Tap then silence.

Two minutes later again and I think Tis some visitor, tapping at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more.

But I get up and open the door and sitting like the Spynx is the dog who gets up and settles herself and the sweatpants I slept in. She collects used socks to, and builds nests in the house we have to search them out when I run low.

I resume my bath get out the dog is sleeping I get dress the dog sleeps.

I sit on the edge of the tub grab my jeans and put them on both legs at a time cause I like to and she is on her feet standing by the door the moment I reached for them.

If she wasn't a dog she'd make an excellent stalker LOL.

I have a crying baby watching me type this LOL but I can turn around and have her laughing in under a minute because,

Sometimes you just have to laugh!

I’ll go visit the permit office and the health department and see a trailer setter upper today.

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