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Jul. 10th, 2009 @ 08:43 am Parlez vous en Francais?
My YouTube channel is for some reason popular in Brazil, I dunno why and maybe France though I've never been there.

Or Spain...

All the years of college and I never grajitated because I'd never get though the foreign language requirements. I hit my head and suddenly can read just enough French to get the drift of the passage.

It got so weird for a time I'd read French news just puzzled about why it was getting the message to me but in a different tongue.

I got my first Phish en François yesterday and kept it just because it made sense, not as it was intended to get me to click and contact them for this wonderful money making idea but I saw the words.

Go Phish.

I go back to Pain Management next Monday I feel like a wuss LOL.

They worked me in I had taken my summer sabbatical and wasn't supposed to come back until September brought the excessive aches back as the temperature drops but the constant background pain is white noise to me the steam burn on my arm I debreeded for two weeks the tissue is raised it has that odd shade of mike unlike the slight tan I tend to keep but I just didn't think of it as I scrubbed and it's unnoticeable I taught myself to do that as a child. Smack your thumb with a hammer and instantly think of anything other than the pain walk it off and boom there is no pain...

It works but it's like meditating and takes practice to get to that pinkish white place on the edge of pure nothing.


Lot's of heat and stretching and I feel everything is back in place in back and all the loose ends are tied up so I will see my Parents tomorrow.

And my favorite kid!

I have my walking shoes.
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