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Jun. 14th, 2009 @ 11:06 pm The Bane of Drains
Lies Mainly in the Strain


The brew I mixed up opened the pipes to the house in about two days and it emptied a five gallon bucket of water in about twenty seconds (I have the vid to prove it) where originally the water had stood in the sink for 3 days and then I went to the far side of the house in search of the actual septic tank dug a lot and found a length of cast iron four inch pipe attached to some PVC and wrapped with what appears to be an inner tube. There also wasn't an access so me being me I dug some more and got my partner saw and sawed the cast iron of clean and got the proper sleeves and such, added a T and stubbed it above the ground so I can come back and add a screw top to aid in future repairs plus it's been part of the code for decades now this house is older than I am I think...

I filled in the hole and flooded it with the hose to let it settle and tomorrow I just need to rake the rest of the dirt into the hole, cut off the stubbed end flush with the ground, add the screw part and pour a ring of concrete around it so no one hits it with a lawn mover...

I tested ever drain in the house plus ran the dish washer and everything is spiffy.

I'm tired.

But I have a Bazooka!

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