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May. 30th, 2009 @ 04:39 pm But u Will Still be There With u
And my Moonshadow...

I went to the farm today for 3 hours of freedom not a soul around just me a shovel my shadow and the resident dog worked on the cabin, raked the unburnt wood from the Great Fire circle 25 feet in diameter and despite it being the first quarter of the moon I planted two packs of cantaloupes, two packs of cucumbers, and just for fun a pack of watermelon seeds.

I love Halloween.

There is a 20 by 30 foot spot next to it for the vegetable garden I promised the women trying to get her home set up there. Things look bleak the laws have changed so much since my wreck and even more so from a decade ago when I knew most of the codes and was able to get a building permit for my house using a hand drawn floor plan on a piece of notebook paper. Billy shook his head at me and smiled he knew me from the other houses we had flipped back then and told me to build it.

Today it takes weeks or months just to get everything approved the four hurricanes caused the building code for houses on the beach to be required for any structure even 100 miles inland but,

I'm all for building things properly and strong enough to withstand the storms we get.

I just resent the insurance premiums also being spread out.

A house on the beach should be required to pay more for coverage than people 30 miles inland that have lived here for generations.

But I digress.


The best cucumbers I ever grew where in the pile of ashes from when we built the house next door a dozen years ago they should grow like mad and my tenant will make sure they get watered in exchange for a share in the bounty...

I don't mind being followed.

Cantalope and Cukes
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