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May. 26th, 2009 @ 12:47 pm Commune Update
Geez things just blew up on me the land is zoned for 18 houses supposedly but at the last minute I was told since I'd essentially have two rentals I need to set up a limited use well which sounded simply and would have if I just lived in the cabin and rented the space for her home but two rentals sends me up the line paperwork applications stricter testing annual fees and I think I might seriously be required to hire a licensed person to check it probably will need a chlorinator and on and on and on but a city tap fixes that I can rent the cabin on the well bury 400 feet of wire to it and then 400+ feet of water line to the trailer promise never ever to rent my trailer which I don't it's more like my hunting lodge but I just hunt with cameras and a bathroom and a place to run to in the rain when I'm actually doing tree farm stuff which by the way is one of my favorite distractions and then I still need to get the trailer set up by someone licensed another $2000++ and build ramps since her back is broke in a few places and stairs she can do but it's gonna get worse as she gets older and this all was a spur of the moment let her move the thing up there so she didn't lose the thing when the land was sold from under her HUD is frozen in Walton County and even if I had the money to loan her for all these extra bills it would take her a decade to pay it off and let me break even but still...

I'll find a way.

Since everything is in Limbo I'm spending my time on the cabin tore up the one section of floor I couldn't get to when I had termites ten years ago a lady was feeding a wild cat 30 pounds of cat food a week and never thought that was odd but what she really did was breed a large colony of white rats with blue eyes under the cabin that carried in enough bedding to make the floor of the cabin rest on the earth it is set on treat posts and was meant to be a foot or so off the ground but I caught it just in time the rest of the place is solid and I've got a newer stove and some actually salvaged kitchen cabinets and the place will be a swank bachelor pad once again.

Old Termite Damage

I built the thing 16 years ago when I was single and was gonna live there until I finished college then build a real house but I met my wife and this 28th is our 14th anniversary.

She'll visit the tree farm but won't live there too rural she says LOL.

I started the day off properly today by jumping up and running a load of broken glass from the farm I had pile up from the aluminum thieves half a bed of glass and pine straw and they probably made ten bucks tops and coming home my power steering went out I get home and find my fan belt shredded LOL.


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