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Not Dead Yet.
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May. 12th, 2009 @ 02:12 pm We Are Having the Best Rain
I Ions are working and my mood is as it should be.

Commune troubles solved 3 weeks and counting the power company is even going to prebury the line across my driveway so within a day of being inspected they just need to pop a meter in. A friend donated some straight but salvaged treated lumber to build her a proper ramp. I got the meter box in yesterday and the posts for the dog fence around her home are set in concrete so I can pull a tight fence and the dog can have plenty of walking room and see everyside of the house for security reasons since it's sitting on 43 acres. I'm leaving the fence down until the septic tank is in and then the trailer guy can hook everything up just because it seems a prudent thing to do and for my young protegee that will also be living there I have a 22 foot pole set 5 feet in concrete and have a crow's nest in mind for the top since every kid needs one.

Actually I just thought it would be fun to build one and had the telephone pole...

A silver lining on the relabeling my well is suddenly I can have 17 rental units running from it if I ever got my act together and wanted a real commune but that a horse of many feathers...

Eye's Pie
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