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May. 9th, 2009 @ 09:27 pm Geez what a Day
I found out that since I'll have 2 rentals on the commune project in order to get my septic tank permit for $400 I have to pay an additional $600 to have my well "reclassified" which means nothing other than I need to get it tested every three months which makes sense sort of except if I just stuck in another well I wouldn't need to do a thing...

I have city water also as an alternative but the tap fee is $1800 and it
is 500 feet from the road which is a long trench to dig...

The one good thing is since it needs to be reclassified as limited use the distance from it to a septic tank increases from 75 feet to 100 and they measured it as 102.


The reason I woke grumpy was a combination of that on my mind all night and the AC going out from a clogged drain at 1AM and the caregiver and wife decided I had had a long day and chose to just let me sleep.

It was 81 degrees when I got up and the house has so much wood in it that it takes a good 5 hours to cool 9 degrees and I didn't actually have it fixed until 1 in the afternoon.

It's good to have friends to call on the weekend. The guy that installed it walked me through everything over the phone so I could fool the unit into turning on while I worked on cleaning the lines and I had the foresight to have a second higher drain put in the pan so I'd never need to worry about a flooded attic and it took over while I was up there sweating.

The sweating actually felt good. Deep heat makes me hurt less and I feel good and the house is cool.

I'm gonna have Jeff stop by next week to clean the coils just for good measure but all systems are go.

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Date:May 10th, 2009 05:55 am (UTC)
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And here I though I had a rough day...well, three days, actually. Two to put down a concrete extension on the driveway, which doesn't sound like much except that the ground it had to go over would have made a great BMX course. Lots of rocky humps that all had to be flattened - by hoe. Not fun work when the heat index is 104°. And this afternoon, I had fun with chicken wire in the garden. Had to give the climbers something to climb on. Tomorrow I seal the driveway and build a new stand for my gas grill before the 25 year old stand it's currently on falls over.

Glad all that was wrong with your AC was a clogged drain. I don't think I've had a year in this house that I haven't spent $1000 on patching up the ACs...so far have replaced one whole unit and two compressors!