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Not Dead Yet.
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Apr. 25th, 2009 @ 05:25 pm Tuckerd Out
Ran outa steam.

I needed a day off I put a lotta fires out last week bandaged things up just fine got my kilter on the track slept late this morning played with the dog a while and have just plane been lazy and Ill be right as rain tommorrow.

The ground is all cleared around the commune buildings and well and got some of my roads reopened and put out 100 pounds of pasture seed since it roots fast and will hold the slopes and in two years the wild centipeded will choke it out and make for a pretty nice yard.

I got all the measurements taken so I can sit here tonight if I get restless from resting and layout the site plan for the septic tank permit, found someone I trust to set up the womans mobile home so I don't lose sleep everytime we have 50 mph winds which is often, got the door replaced on the cabin with a steel insulated one and should have that done in 6 weeks or so and then it will be time to get back to the bunker...

I want to make my pool forty inches deep instead of 60 so the wife can walk laps and since it's concreted all around and is twenty feet by forty by my calculations that's a lotta of sand to dump in the hole but I've got more than enough in the crawlspace to remove three feet of sand to make some proper walkways, stub the drain high then pump that sand into the pool and still easily leave six feet of undisturbed ground around the footers, and that will make getting things in and out to build the actual safe room much easier.

Two birds.

Plans should be like onions, it's more efficient.

Geez it felt good to loaf today.

Landscaped and Seeded
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