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Not Dead Yet.
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Mar. 28th, 2009 @ 09:11 am From The Fray, Two the Phoniex...
The Ashes of Morpheous fall away Lost and Insecure, you found me and I find myself again.

Ask anything he said.

Or coincidence both paths though converge to where things have calmed down a few real nights sleep thanks to some friends staying over and the no diabetes is a boost. I'm rearranging my schedule winding things down a bit I'll finish the cabin so we can rent it but my trailer needs too many hours and hours of work and it's time I don't have in the budget hurricane season approaches I'm always ready but there is always another hole to dig it's the OCD but I try and steer it and usually do today is heavy rain as I had put an order in for, the tractor work at the commune is done fire zones room for a garden lots of yard probably 3 acres prepped I just needed a lot of rain to settle it to do a final grade and what timing I can toss out some grass seed here and there and some millet to hold the slopes until the grass puts out roots and set a few sprinklers out on timers for a month and it will look like I imagined it 15 years ago when I bought the place.

The woman I let move her trailer up there is having a nightmare of a time all her tie downs were stolen from where she was previously I've got water lines and power to where her box will be set her up security lights to keep away any riff raff but geez.

Tie downs are like $25 each she needs a slew and I don't see an easy fix being she is on full disability plus it will take a licensed person to sign off on it I set it off the ground just 16 inches to keep the floor dry the guy that moved it there just dropped it on it's frame that was a whole nother nightmare he didn't mention not setting it up until after he tore up his truck with a dozer trying to take a short cut left it under live power lines I call and had them cut the service to my shed because I can't very well move the mobile home 15 feet with my Ford as faithful as it is...

Which is why I tore down the shed they wanted $1500 to set me another pole and go around her to repower the building but truthfully it had seen better days but but but but and same same same this is why things take so long to finish LOL.

I'm very much Alive still and Again this morning though, and the wife's so much better here than when she was there.

A Home is more than just a House.

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