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Mar. 1st, 2009 @ 12:30 pm Stop Controlling the Weather
Yesterday it was 70 something but raining so a couple friends offered to help do some deconstruction work on the cabin. I figured if I'm gonna bother to fix it I'm gonna fix everything it's just a habit and I enticed them with offers of crowbars and 20 pound hammers...

Paint Ur Fence

I come home to find a tree I planted 3 years ago decided to suddenly bloom for the first time on the last day of February and March 1st the winds at 5 am are bending the trees over and it's 30 degrees outside.


I left the heat off last night not thinking it would get so cold and woke up and the house is still 74 degrees.

Which brings us full circle to why I'm ripping out all the cabin walls to insulate them with surplus supplies left over from building this house.

Pack Rats run in Circles apparently which of course is simply better than saying life is a treadmill...


I'm gonna light a fire in the wood burner and clean out the bottom garage and maybe poke around in the cave a bit today for a change of scenery.

Or take a nap.
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