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Feb. 21st, 2009 @ 08:20 pm Lucky Charms
Like Trinkets in my pockets or odds and ends hidden away long ago for rainy days.

Every house we flipped to build this one had gas heat which but never used so I made a point of disassembling all the steel lines in case I'd ever need them and gee I went to buy an 1 1/4 90 in steel the other day and it was like four bucks??????

I need to redo the plumbing around the well and add a couple extra large connections for future use since it will be all sealed up in a nice concrete block building except the well head itself so I wanted to plan ahead for future expansions that don't involve me trying to tunnel through the floor or boring a hole through the wall if I get a whim.

I took a few of the larger plumbing parts from the bunker project including the mini fire hose and buried a hundred feet of 1 1/4 conduit a couple feet underground from the well to the future power box for the mobile home which would have been set up long ago except apparently she had had it moved a year before this last year and the man never tied it down and seems to have used to tie downs on another job and gee you'd think an honest business man would replace them regardless especially after acknowledging that he stuck them under someone else’s trailer.

I suspect he's too busy since on weekends he’s a preacher with a small church pretty near here...

Anyway back to my Lucky Charms I sorted through my boxes of fittings and separated out the proper sizes and have probably a hundred bucks worth if I can get them all loosened.


I must have worn the right shirt today!

Lucky Charms are Magically Delicious!
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