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Not Dead Yet.
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Feb. 1st, 2009 @ 06:53 pm I'm Tawd
I can't say that without seeing Stewie playing the banjo and talkin bout the weather when they was hidin out down south.

Meg got to be popular.

Peter got to be Sheriff.

I'm tawd from tearing apart the shed found the termites I was looking for made sure to separate out the good wood got the planks from the roof off with about a 75% reusability factor the woman I am doing this for brought the grandkid with her cause hegot a tool set a real one cordless drills and all the attachments so I am giving him a crash course in all thing building but in reverse including how to unwire the outlets and such I recycle he got ready and looked at me and said your sure all the power is off right???

Never so proud of the kid.

13 years old and I told him to do it but he had the sense to double check without getting worried of offending me.

I need a day off I've gone about 40 days everyday only 5 hours a day but geez I'm old 47 in a bit.

Hahahhaha any excuse works when I need a day off plus it's gonna rain and I missed a doctors appointment for the wife last Friday and forgot for 2 weeks to renew my prescriptions for the things that let me walk like a human and I'm having nightmare issues dealing with dropping Medicare part D and switching to a supplement the supplement is fine as it has always been in the past but Medicaid care? is denying anything form the last three months of last year claiming we had secondary insurance which as I stated earlier that is true now but not at the time the service was rendered.

I tend to use real mail for this kind of thing 80% of the time my speech is fine but at random I can slur my words and get thought transposed and plus I like to scan the really did this person actual graduate high school type response and post them.

I cannot stand bullies no matter how local or how corporate.

In other news Life's good I'm just tired but strong as and Ox.


Termites Demolition Work
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