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Jan. 31st, 2009 @ 07:23 pm The Best Days...
Are the ones I finish totally exhausted from working on something.

It's odd I know but it relaxes me.

I spent the day doing a bunch of things on the commune project and began to dismantling the shed and eyeing up the old rough sawn timber and about 20 sills of various dimensions I'm debating a tower just to have one maybe add a wind vain up high and pump water from a spring to Extra big wooden barrel not Petticoat Junction sized and I'm walking the proposed fence line the underbrush I had burnt the day before that part I want to leave thick and just take out the yaupons and as I ponder building a large barrel I look down and see this...


It must have lain there for a long long time and is a lot thicker than any barrels you'd see today so I'm going to cook most of the rust off with some fire then take it home sand blast it and weld the crack and hang it on a wall and call it George.

Even a twenty foot tower at the top of my hill would let me get a good view of everything since the shed is only about fourteen feet up.

Thirty five feet with an observatory would be even better!

Tree Farm

I've got a helper assisting me with dismantling the shed, it's sort of the same as getting that fence painted...

Endentured Servant
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