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Nov. 9th, 2008 @ 07:17 pm I'm Winning
I was up until 4:20 am watching the clock last thing I remember then back awake at five fever and chills and everything hurts since I couldn't eat real food for a day or three so hadn't been taken the antiinflamas and other assorted medication meant to let me function in an upright sort of manner and I've been actually working the past week on my truck on the commune on the house on a few or more things I've forgotten and being old and all that it caught up to me and or and so this morning the trusted caregiver showed up they've moved into our house in town ten minute drive not forty poor girl hadn't even had time to drink a cup of coffee and save me please I say literally though I was laughing as I do when I said I was still sick with whatever malaria type thing it is I have there's nothing in my blood say all the test except I still need to do the five hour thing and gee a clue no food exhausted ill the new caregiver is also super close and funny as heck her spouse more or less is an armchair genius we clicked I had to about restrain the guy to keep him from jumping down into the shaft and crawling into the tunnel and he's got a flashlight super bright and is looking around and can see the engineering so that was a bonus and it turns out the caregiver had already talked to the new girl about both of them showing up so I can actually escape to the hospital and get it done next week so I thought well that's a good sign at nine am and I went to the guest suite because it is the darkest room in the house during the day and I can sleep with the lights on but if there's even the slightest bit of sunlight I'm awake call me some antivampire or something but geez call me already sorry just had to fit that in and I wake up and force myself to eat Chef Boyardee the entire can and not a small one and sit for a while and when things feel normal I walk outside and the wind blows like some summer dust bunny and pulls the leaves from the trees in a singing in the rain sort of way and I see the one tree that always lets me see fall down here in Florida and I walk to the back see my climbing rose on the back deck project has suddenly forgotten it's November and decided to bloom which is odd because I thought we had a frost but then then then again I still have three green tomatoes debating on staying green or going red...

And so I worked on my truck some more new tranny filter and seals and I still have a line busted from driving through the lot next door but I figure if I'm gonna work on it I may as well fix everything I've used one set of brakes and four set of tires and a few batteries but I've had it 14 years and put 300k on it and I might even go so far as to change the oil tomorrow but anyways.

Despite everything and all when I look around I know I'm pretty lucky.

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