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Not Dead Yet.
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Sep. 5th, 2008 @ 11:00 am When the Chessmen Tell you Where to Go
And logic and proportion has fallen sloppy dead,

Remember what the doormouse said.

Feed Your Head.

(It will repay you for the kindness many times over)

PS In my case feed your head is literial and if I go too long without eating I get more loopy than normal so this is just a note to myself...

I had so many errands the last few days I've had to get done while the caregivers are here that I jump up and drink a large coffee in the whirlpool filled with just hot water I guess 115 degrees then left with my list scrawled halfway up my arm that I haven't been getting back for lunch till past 3.

I'm considering packing a lunch to keep on hand for emergencies LOL.

The new caregivers are doing super and if all the bills and all hadn't gotten behind from me busy I could actually attempt to get a nap in. I'm considering covering the windows in the computer room with black contack paper so I can make the room pitch black since it's the only way I can sleep in the day.

The bunker if I ever get back to it should be great for sleeping odd hours absolutely silent and as dark as you want it.

When I was young, besides learning quite a lot but not in Eric Burdon's manner, I used to go caving and there was a tube about 300 feet so tight in places you had to decide ahead of time whether to crawl with your arms in front of you or behind you but ever 6 feet or so it opened enough to sit up and get a break.

If you sat alone for ten or fifteen minutes quietly you could begin to hear your own heartbeat.

I always found that reassurring.
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