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Aug. 25th, 2008 @ 11:48 pm Next
Still tweaking the nightstand and hospital bed...

A Sliding Control Center

Nutone Intercom

I Hid the Speaker

Headed for Bandsaw

I have it installed and decided after 12 hours I could do it a few steps better but it works great as it is. When the bed is in the sitting position the whole box slides on drawer slides so all the buttons are within easy reach and if you go half way down to watch to it has a stop I made but sanding a small half moon at the midpoint to keep it and when she needs to get in and out of the bed it slides completely out of the way but still leaves the bed control switches accessible.

I'm going to make it extend out further and add a bend at the end that will then swivel down to a 45 to make them both easier to see and easier to operate.

Dumb luck on my part when I sawed the intercom part into pieces and mounted the speaker below the box I added an L shaped channel opens in an larger bottomless box facing the floor and the clarity of the intercom seems to have suddenly doubled when it is acting as a microphone so we can now have actual two way conversations if I'm down in the dungeon so if she just needs to tell me something I don't have to stop what I'm doing and walk upstairs and through the house to ask her what she said LOL.

It was so hard to ear her soft voice over the thing I'd call her on my cell if I was right in the middle of welding something or otherwise engaged in an activity that I'd prefer not stop midway...

I'm still amazed I get a full signal at the bottom of the pit.

PS Vote for me!

I've only got half a brain but I was born in the US and that matters more right?

I definately feel qualified to come up from behind!
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