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Not Dead Yet.
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Aug. 9th, 2008 @ 12:08 pm She Awoke Dreaming
Caught in a tube but I'm carving a way on my surf board trying to find the path from the green room to her.

Meanwhile in a parallel DreamVerse I hear her call out from her reality and in auto pilot I awake and walk to her and straight into something my thigh is struck by the night stand it just jumped up and knocked me to the ground like a baseball bat and I'm waking on the floor in the dark and dang long term pain just makes me tired but I wasn't awake enough to make myself forget the first throb of being caught off guard so I could ignore the echoes and I hear "Get Up!"

It's 3 am.

I'm thinking the house better be on fire...

Hours later in the clarity of the day light she tells me she had the strangest dream I was surfing and fell and a wave was going to hit me and she kept yelling get up but I wouldn't move LOL.

Hey Abbott! There's no Sense to some Arguments.

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