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Aug. 5th, 2008 @ 07:16 pm I've got an 85 Maxim 700
I bought it new in 86 and am the only one to ever ride it and that was about 18 years ago but I've drug it around everywhere I go and turn the motor over by hand turning thre real wheel once a year or so just to keep it all loose.

When I got married I thought I'd put it together when I closed my shop the last thing I did was tear it down and paint it all in black deltron 2 stage and bought the various levers and tires and tank check valves gaskets etcs still in oem wrappers stored wrapped in wool blankets but.

My wife saw my riding jacket it weighs like 30 pounds its as old as the bike tested once bailing out at 60 or so in a front yard lay it down and ride it into a mail box put a dent in the tank with my knee that I left for 2 years to remind me slow down and she informed me in a not so suttle way that I certainly could not be seen driving around in a leather jacket on a motorcycle and I had responsabilities and far far too dangerous (smirk)...

I pulled the plugs and filled the cylinders with dexron put it in first gear and turned the rear wheel by hand fifty or so times, added a few tables spoons in each cylinder and put the plugs on and for the most part remembered to repeat this process ever other year at least the engine has 12,000 miles on it I'd ride for hours at night to relax on deserted roads but familiar mapped out in my head winding and hilly slow down when you see the eyes of the deer and its in the safest room of the house downstairs covered up parts laid out on book cases 15 year old tires never in the sunlight and like new stubs and all ready to be mounted...

There is a small shop up the road lots of older used bikes virtually a salvage yard a couple wheels and I just saw some heavy duty gimbols new on a dusty shelf if I can remember probobly at ace and meant for a three point hitch but a simple ready made adjustable tie rod end and two wheels in the front makes three so technically...

It wouldn't be a motorcycle.

A simple straight suicide stick shift with a way to really be sure it was in neutral and a lock out to keep it their some DC motors mounted to the front wheels and make the entire thing swivel and move up and down to add shocks and springs maybe even make it so the wheels leaned in or out when turning left and right add some gell batteries and mount them low put the center of gravity 15 inches from the ground add two seats and a small pickup bed...

Set the front drive to double as a breaking system by recharging the batteries when you ease off the throttle no need for a flywheel keep it simple the weight and speed force turned to energy is gonna try and slow those two drives down like a jake brake??? dunno not real edjumikated on diesals but stick with off the shelf stand brakes a dc motor wouldn't need a clutch but this would do highway speeds burning gas and hybred.

Something like this but not so high performance though 4 cylinders and 20 valves can do a pretty good hole shot as currently is with a 170 pound rider...

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Date:August 6th, 2008 06:39 am (UTC)


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That T-REX looked like a fun ride. I was looking at a Vespa trike with two front wheels on the highway the other day, and it looked a bit like a kid's tractor! ;o) My Honda CX-500 still needs a couple of parts, so it looks like I won't be riding it until fall.

My husband used to be both a motorcycle mechanic and an avid rider. One day I found him digging through his files looking for something, and he told me he was having recurring vivid dreams about having a motorcycle somewhere but he couldn't find the title, so he wondered if that meant he had forgotten a title somewhere, "although I know it's not possible." I told him that was his subconscious telling him to go buy a motorcycle immediately, and I told him to do so. He's bought a KZ-1000, one exactly like one he used to own; he rides it for relaxation exactly as you describe. It's way too much bike for me to handle, but I don't mind riding along.