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Jun. 26th, 2008 @ 07:46 pm Why So Serious?
I'm lost without my camera LOL.

Ace in town helped me out big time trading me a pallet of Quickcrete for a long length of 200Amp SE wire I had used as a super extension cord from the temp power pole to the house while I was working on it. Once I had the floors down I had to run the AC to keep the humidity even so I jumped two 200 amp breakers to run the place. Once I got my final inspection and they ran power right to the meter I didn't really have a need for it so I asked real nice if they'd swap it for a bit less than there cost if I got it in concrete and pool stuff.

Good Deal!

I needed one more yard to make an arch around the threshold to the tunnel below the bottom garage floor so I can put a hundred pound fire door on it and a lock. I'm going to attempt to make it fairly water tight so i can fill the pit with ten feet of water and move enough sand out from under there to be able to walk the length of the crawlspace without having to duck.

At that point I should have everything covered structurally so I can walk away from it for a bit.

I've got a couple more gadgets made or almost made including a 3 gallon pressure pot converted to spray a thin mixture of Portland cement and water but in a fan so I can test spraying walls to see how much time it buys as far as them collapsing when dry and I have a tip I can convert and force a volume in behind all the walls to properly grout everything and make sure the seal around the test shaft is water tight over the long run.

I'm to tired to describe it.

I miss my camera...

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